What Does Kona Coffee Taste Like?

“I think the Kona coffee has a richer flavor than any other, be it grown where it may and call it by what name you please.”
– Mark Twain, after visiting Hawaii’s Big Island in 1866.

Since the 1800s, when Kona coffee was first created by way of a coffee plant being brought from Brazil in the 1820s and growing best in the Kona belt on the Big Island, Kona coffee has made a name for itself and has been internationally recognized as prime coffee.  With ideal growing conditions, including rich volcanic soil, the perfect amount of shade, and the right growing climate, Kona coffee inherently possesses the qualities of a prized coffee.  It has a robust and delightfully balanced array of flavors in its profile, with a hint of chocolate and no trace of bitterness.  Of course, this does come at a price, as the limited amount of land and resources available to grow true 100% Kona coffee – which can only be called 100% Kona coffee if it is indeed grown from Kona coffee trees and only within the Kona district on the Big Island, Hawaii, make it a rare delicacy that many in Hawaii and abroad desire.

We invite you to try for yourself the taste of this authentic, one-of-a-kind coffee that is known as Kona.  Be sure to try the 100 percent Kona coffee, careful not to be served an imposter!  There are many coffees that use the name Kona to sell but they are not in fact true 100 percent Kona.  They often contain only a trace amount, usually just 10% Kona coffee beans, and are blended with other coffee beans and passed off as Kona coffee.

At Anikona Farm, our Kona coffee is authentic.  It is true 100% Kona coffee beans, grown in the Kona coffee belt on Hawaii’s Big Island, and never mixed or blended with any other beans.