Volcanic Regions

Anikona Farm coffees are grown in volcanic terriors globally.
We have hand selected these plantations.

100% Kona Coffee dark roast 16oz

Kona, Hawaii

Our 100% Kona coffee is authentic and not blended.  Kona coffee is grown on volcanic soil. Kona is a small growing district on the Big Island of Hawaii, which is associated with the famous and the most traditional of Hawaiian coffees.

Tanzania Peaberry Coffee medium roast 16oz


Tanzania coffee is grown on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Meru near the Kenyan border. The combination of lush vegetation, volcanic soil and glacial water in this region produces a unique and intensely flavored coffee with notes of red wine.

Ethiopia Arabica Coffee 16 oz


Ethiopia produces some of the most unique and interesting coffees in the world. It is among the world’s most varied and distinctive coffees displaying red wine and berry characteristics.

Guatemala single-original Arabica coffee 16 oz


The highlands of Guatemala produce several of the world’s finest and most prized coffees. Anikona sources some of the most ethically grown and flavorful coffee of this origin.

Vietnam 100% Arabica Coffee 16oz


Vietnam is the second-largest producer of coffee worldwide.
Anikona Vietnam coffee is exclusively 100% Arabica beans, which is the rarer of the coffee varieties grown in Vietnam.