100% Kona Coffee

We are dedicated to providing only the best 100% Kona coffee for our customers. Our Kona coffee beans are always picked ripe, freshly air roasted, and delivered with Aloha. Our 100 percent Kona coffee is authentic, with no fillers or blends. It is grown in the Kona belt, on the slopes of Holualoa Volcano on the island of Hawaii, hand-picked at the peak of ripeness, and freshly air-roasted to retain the delicate and well balanced flavor profile of the coffee.  Enjoy an unforgettable, delicious cup of coffee.


Hand picked ripe coffee beans and coffee cherries

Only Pure Hawaiian Kona Coffee

We only provide pure Hawaiian Kona, that is grown in the Kona coffee belt growing region on the Big Island. None of our coffees contain any coffee beans that are grown somewhere else outside of this region.  Depending on your taste preferences you may have a favorite roast level you prefer. Choose from our dark roast, which is roasted longer and has a richer flavor and a more bold presentation, or if you prefer a lighter roast, try our well balanced medium roast coffee, which is roasted for a shorter duration, with a higher moisture content and a more sweet taste. You can also select from our estate Kona peaberry coffee and favorite coffee gifts.

Whichever way you go, we invite you to enjoy! Treat yourself to a delicious cup of pure delight. We wish you the best and lots of Aloha in every cup.


Dark roast Kona coffee

Taste the delicious flavors of our dark roast Kona coffee beans, available in 16 oz, 12 oz, and 8 oz sizes. Roasted fresh with a delightful bold taste, this is a smooth coffee with flavor notes of aromatic cocoa and a fruit forward cup.  View coffee.


As if Kona coffee wasn’t already enough of a wonderful gem on its own, we would like to invite you to savor the finest coffee in this exquisite, 100% Kona peaberry whole bean coffee. This flavorful Kona peaberry coffee is available in a beautiful coffee bag special for a special occasion. We hope your coffee experience is full of Aloha with this gourmet coffee. View now.

Kona peaberry with chocolates

Give the gift of Kona to someone special. We offer gift baskets, gift sets, Anikona coffee mug and more in our online Kona coffee gifts shop.  Browse our selection today and find the perfect gift. View coffee gift sets.

Medium roast Kona coffee with burlap sack

One of coffee connoisseurs’ favorite delicacies is experienced in this well rounded Kona coffee medium roast whole bean coffee, featuring flavor notes of chocolate and berries. Available in 1 lb, 12 oz, and 8 oz coffee bag sizes. View coffee.

Authentic from the Kona Coffee Belt

If you are an avid coffee drinker you may have heard quite a bit about what makes this coffee authentic and pure. Or if you are starting the journey to explore this coffee, we are pleased to share with you some valuable information on what makes it so. Not all coffee grown in Hawaii or even near the town of Kona is true Kona coffee. It has to be grown on coffee farms located in a very specific location, as our coffee is grown by coffee farmers in this area.

Our coffee beans are grown in a coffee region know as the Kona Coffee belt, on Hawaii Island. The Kona belt consists of a region on the Big Island of Hawaii that is about 30 miles in length and almost 3 miles wide and includes the western slopes of Mauna Loa and Hualalai volcanoes. This region offers an ideal climate for growing coffee beans, with its weather and rich volcanic soil.

This is the only location where true Hawaiian Kona coffees are grown. Anything grown outside this region cannot be labeled as authentic Kona. Please enjoy medium roast and dark roast coffee beans available in 16 oz, 12 oz, and 8 oz bags of whole bean coffee. Some of our best selling Kona coffees are listed below. Please visit our online Hawaiian coffee shop for additional selections.

coffee beans and plumeria flowers

What makes our coffee the best Authentic Pure Kona Coffee?

Grown in the Kona Belt
Our coffee is true 100% Kona and is grown in the Kona coffee belt on the Big Island, making for quality beans that you can only find coming from this premium region. Enjoy this delicious coffee year round from Anikona Farm. We currently ship to all 50 states (if outside the U.S., please contact for information).
Picked at the Peak of Ripeness
Our Kona coffee beans are hand-picked from the coffee trees at the peak of ripeness. This makes for the most delicious beans being selected.
Air Roasted for Best Flavor
Air roasted coffee is known for a more pure, less acidic, and smoother flavor. It retains the coffee’s unique flavor profiles without producing a burned flavor that can come from drum roasting. Anikona Farm Kona coffee is freshly air roasted, retaining the natural flavor of the coffee.
No Fillers or Kona Blends
Our coffee is 100% pure kona coffee and contains no other coffee beans besides those grown in the Kona Coffee Belt, making our coffee true 100 percent Kona. Coffee lovers will enjoy rich flavor of this delicious coffee. There are sources that label their coffees as Kona but in fact have what are Kona coffee blends because a portion of their coffee beans are grown elsewhere, and they blend coffee from different regions together, meaning it is not true Kona. You can rest assured knowing that we only provide authentic pure Kona that is 100% grown in the Kona belt.

A look at growing coffee in Kona, Hawaii

The coffee farming process is truly intriguing. From the flowering of the coffee plants through to the green cherries, ripe red cherries, and harvesting the green coffee beans, we will take a look at the process in which this premium coffee is grown, picked, and roasted. The coffee production process includes the growing and picking of the coffee as well as the drying and roasting of the coffee beans.

Our coffee is estate-grown, true Kona coffee. With the perfect amount of sun, shade, and volcanic soil the coffee trees flourish and provide a wonderful bean and truly delicious cup. The coffee flowers start with a gentle bloom that soon falls and turns into the green coffee cherry. Once red and ripe, the cherry is ready to be picked and harvested. We only pick the ripe red cherries, ensuring the most abundance of flavor and the most delicious cup of coffee.

Kona coffee flowers
Kona coffee plant with flowers and ripe berries
ripe coffee picking<br />
freshly picked coffee cherries
parchment coffee beans
roasted coffee beans
coffee beans pouring
Kona coffee brewed coffee cup

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about Hawaiian Kona? Explore some answers to our frequently asked questions here. If you do not see an answer to your question please feel welcome to contact us for more information. We are glad that you are here and are among the coffee lovers out there that enjoy learning about all things coffee. We welcome any questions that are not yet on this list and hope you enjoy the information we have put together for you.

1. What is 100% Kona Coffee?

100% Kona is an arabica coffee that is grown and harvested in the Kona belt on Hawaii’s Big Island. Kona is a small growing district on the Big Island of Hawaii and is associated with this famous and most traditional of Hawaiian coffees. Coffee farms that are located in a different region cannot grow this coffee as it is only authentic Kona if it is grown in this exact growing region. The slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa Volcanoes are home to the Kona coffee trees that product this high-quality coffee. The taste profile of true Kona coffee is memorable, presenting an appealing profile of gentle acidy, aromatic cocoa, and a fruit forward cup. The smooth drinkability of this coffee along with the allure of the beautiful Hawaiian Islands have solidified Kona’s reputation as one of the world’s most storied coffee origins.

2. What is different about Anikona Coffee?

At Anikona Farm we place a strong value on providing only the best 100% Kona coffee for our customers. Our coffee is authentic, with no fillers or blends. It is grown in the Kona belt, on the slopes of Holualoa Volcano, hand-picked at the peak of ripeness, and freshly air-roasted to retain the delicate and well-balanced profile of the coffee.

The air-roasting process is especially important in retaining the delicious flavors of the coffee. Drum roasting can cause a slightly burned flavor to be infused into the coffee beans during the roasting process, which changes the natural flavor of the coffee beans. Air roasting coffee is best as it will retain the taste profile of the coffee beans, so you are experience a truer cup of delicious Kona.

It has been a delight working with this coffee over the years. When the coffee tree flowers, the gentle fragrance whispers that it will soon be time for harvesting the beautiful red coffee berries. It is then time to hand-pick the Kona coffee, dry the beans, remove the parchment, and roast the coffee beans. We truly hope you enjoy this delicious coffee that is brought to you from Kona and shipped with our best wishes. We enjoy sharing the Aloha with all of our special customers.

3. What is special about Kona Coffee?

The coffee reputation of 100% Kona is that of a high-quality coffee. It is known for its distinct flavors and low acidity that come from the ideal conditions in which the coffee crop is grown. The rich volcanic soil and local weather provide a perfect environment for the coffee beans to mature and develop the delicious appeal that a cup of this coffee is known for. Coffee aficionados agree that this is one of the world’s most prized coffees, with a low acid content, milk chocolate and fruity notes, and memorable rich coffee flavor.

3. Where can I buy Kona coffee online?

Any online coffee shop that sources this coffee will likely have an online store section where you can purchase the coffee beans to ship to you direct. At Anikona Farm, you can visit our Shop page to find and order online any of our specialty coffees including Kona.  You can find a variety of sizes, in medium and dark roast, here along with coffee gifts.  Also we offer FREE Shipping with any order of 4 lbs+ of coffee!  Please contact us if you have any questions. We ship to all 50 states.