Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee bag 16 oz

The Blue Mountain range in Jamaica is the highest elevation in the Caribbean and measures 7,402 feet elevation.  This region produces the best coffee in Jamaica and among the best coffees in the world.  Every bean is picked by hand and there is little machinery used throughout the cultivation and processing of the coffee.

The most prized coffee grown in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica is grown at around 3,000 feet and higher.  Our Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is grown at Nomlas Farm, which is 24 acres in size and approximately 5,000 feet above sea level and has been producing Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee for over 30 years.  This growing region is a sub-tropical climate with high rain fall and the coffee grows in fertile, volcanic soil, under misty cloud cover to shade from hot sun. All of these factors combine to develop Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee with exceptional sweetness, aroma, rich flavor, full body with mild acidity

The coffee produced in the Jamaica Blue Mountain region is rare, with high demand and a relatively small production output area.  Further, about 80% of this coffee is exported to Japan, leaving an even smaller supply available to other coffee connoisseurs to purchase.  Only coffee grown within this special region can be called Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee.

Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is known for its mild flavor with a creamy sweetness, chocolate tones, and lack of bitterness.