Anikona Farm Coffee

While coffee farming can be a rewarding passion, we’ve learned for many generational family farmers the fluctuations and uncertainty of coffee prices determined by the commodity market can have a great impact on their livelihood.  An important part of our story is to elevate coffee farming communities and families. Anikona remains committed to compensating farmer partners above specified market rates and above Fair Trade practices. We celebrate that each bean tells a story about a community, their families and their commitment to bringing a delicious farm to cup experience to Anikona customers.

Ethically Sourced Volcanic Coffees

We’ve selected distinct volcanic growing regions that have similar attributes and exquisite taste profiles, all handpicked, processed with attention to quality, shade-grown at higher elevations with respect for the environment, and above all, are truly ethically sourced.  All of our coffees go through the utmost care in production, from farming, to care in the sourcing and giving back within coffee communities, to the process of picking the ripe beans, carefully roasting, and packaging with Aloha for our special customers.   Some of our customer favorite coffees include single-origin 100% arabica Ethiopian Coffee, Guatemalan 100% arabica medium roast coffee, and the rarest of Vietnam coffees – 100% arabica Vietnam coffee beans.

Anikona Farm History

Kona Coffee from Hawaii has been our specialty since 2014. Our Anikona coffee story began in after a career in the technology industry. We pursued a lifelong passion and dream to own and operate a coffee farm to grow, produce and sell 100% Kona coffee in Holualoa on the Big Island of Hawaii. We have since expanded our offerings to include premium coffees from other rich growing regions including Ethiopia, Tanzania, Guatemala, Vietnam and others.  We have spent years learning about specialty coffee, becoming part of the coffee community, sustainably tending to the trees, developing the Anikona brand and forming special bonds with our farmer partners all over the world.