Why Air-Roasting Produces the Best Coffee

Did you know there are two main ways that coffee is roasted? The main roasting method, drum roasting, is used by most coffee roasters and involves roasting the coffee beans inside of a hot steel drum. As chaff comes off it falls into the chamber and is burned into the beans, creating a reaction that both involves carcinogens and a burned flavor being added into the roasted beans. The coffee beans will then absorb both the flavor of the burnt coffee chaff and the carcinogens that are contained within it. Additionally when the beans come in contact with the hot drum, they are also burned a little, adding to a burnt flavor in the roast.

With air roasting, the process is completely different and results in a true coffee flavor, preserving the delicate (or bold) taste of the beans with no burned taste. An air roaster uses hot air to roast the beans. The beans move continuously within the air roaster without having a chance to stick onto the hot side (as they would in a hot drum). Also, the hot air from the air roaster moves the chaff out so that only the coffee beans themselves, not by product or impurities, are roasted into the final product. With this delicate and precise method of roasting, the coffee retains its delicious flavor and is healthier and more enjoyable.

Our Anikona Farm 100% Kona coffee beans are always air-roasted to ensure the highest quality roast.