100% Kona Coffee, Medium roast (1 lb)

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Our 100% Kona coffee is grown on volcanic soil on Hualalai Volcano in the Kona region of the Big Island of Hawaii. This one pound bag of medium roast whole bean 100% Kona coffee features gentle acidy with notes of aromatic cocoa and a fruit forward cup.

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Weight 1.0 lbs

5 reviews for 100% Kona Coffee, Medium roast (1 lb)

  1. Judith M.

    My new favorite coffee is Anikona! I love it.

  2. Lorne and Karen J.

    We were so excited for the morning to come and we could grind the Anikona beans, smell the aroma and then sip that first cup… and what a sip it was! Bold, smooth and delicious. The flavor is outstanding and no acid tummy!

  3. Christina C.

    I am enjoying it daily.

  4. Tia T.

    Thank you so much for your Anikona 100% Kona coffee! We think it is fabulous! Wonderful flavor.

  5. Vicki

    Wow it is so tasty! Almost has a chocolate aroma to it.

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